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me!posting lah.

Posted By DJNHH on Oct 24, 2009 at 8:49AM

hahah.just bored den come here lor.go see my blog kay.



I miss DJNH ):

Posted By DJNHH on Sep 22, 2009 at 6:41AM

Didn't go for school today , cause of my illness . But i missed you all yeaa ! Actually wanted to call Dawn during recess . If I'm not wrong , she brings her phone down for recess . Heheh . But decided not to , cause will disturb you all having your recess time eating (: I'm fine today staying at home . Joanna told me that Nicole was scolded by Ms Kuah for th donation card . Hope that you're fine . Well , I think you're . Cause you're always joking all th way even if she scolds you , And turns all th unhappiness to happy events (: That's what you influence me too . Dawn said a dirty thing today ! Heard that from Joanna too (: She's my personal spy . Didn't hear things about Huili , i guess things are just going as per normal . Hopee so ! Good luck for th tests today ! Maths and Music test ! You guys will have good results anyway ! Gooooodluck ! :B

Down w/ illness ):

Posted By DJNHH on Sep 19, 2009 at 6:35AM

Cliqueeee ! Okay , I'm posting at Malaysiaaa ! & I missed you people alot ! Can't go school on monday as it is a Hol , But maybe not going to school on tuesday or soo . Depends on how fast i recover . & , I know all of you missed me alot right ! Lols . I shall keep you posted about what I did today . As soon as I reached malaysia , I felt super bad , I was coughing and ah-chew-ing and blowing my nose on th coach . My sist said i Snored while i slept  . Grrrr . All because of my blocknose laa . Reached malaysia house and prayed for Grandfather , Cause its th 100th day . After praying , Slept agn , But woke up after that . Then slept agn , Woke up . And slept agn ! I slept 3 times ! Heheh . Piglet ! I hope everything's going well for every single one of you in Singapore . Went to see doctor after th 3rd nap , Around 7 + . Got my medicine and came home . I'm still worried that th doctor will say that I'm suffering from H1N1 . Cause I'm a piglet . Lols . I missed you guys know ! And yeaa , Please post okay ! Get password from Joanna or Myself . But most prbably Joanna as I'm overseas now and it cost moreeee . ILY Peopleeee [L]

Cheer up :D

Posted By DJNHH on Sep 18, 2009 at 12:08AM

Alot of things had been happening lately . Like , Nicole , Huili and Meh . Nicole cried , Huili cried and meh cried . For me , I'm soooo happy that each of you tried to cheer me up . And we've been doing th same things for th rest in clique . I hope this can continue as You guys are reallyyyy SWEEET .

 ILoveYou ; Nicole Hottest Bii , Dawn Prettiest Sweetheart , Joanna Cutest Hunnayee & Huili smartest Valentine (:

Huimin's Post !

Posted By DJNHH on Sep 15, 2009 at 3:20AM

Helloooooooo Peopleeee (: Hehehehhe . Im th first to post yeaaaaa ! Hyperrr . Texting w/ Joanna OHHHH ~ Lols .

To Nicole Ong Yong E ; Hottest babee : Please Remember to sign your travel Dec form ! Omggg , You've been making things difficult for me . No lahr , Joking , Not only you . But i shall Forgive & Forget .

Ima Niceeeee Soul ! Blablablabla .

// Group Members